RECARO Easylife Stroller Review

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recaro easylife stroller

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Have you ever had to search for a lightweight stroller that could be easily adjusted and well-padded for the comfort of your baby? Fortunately, RECARO easylife stroller is the ideal stroller for you if you want maximum baby comfort.

You don’t have to struggle with carrying your little one with you when you’re on an errand. As the name RECARO easylife stroller implies, the stroller makes life easier for you.

RECARO Easylife Stroller


Light Weight

This stroller is not heavy. You and your baby can move from one place to another without you feeling tired easily. If you’re wondering how much weight this lightweight stroller can take then we’d be glad to tell you it accommodates a minimum of 16.5 pounds and a maximum of 50 pounds. The stroller gives your baby the comfort and spaciousness of a full sized stroller and at the same time it isn’t as heavy as a full sized stroller. Its light weight makes it easy for you to transport it in your car and make use of it wherever you want.

Easy Movement and Riding

double push brake

If you happen to be in a crowded place with your toddler, the excellent build of the RECARO stroller makes it possible for you to wheel past the crowd with ease. The stroller comes with six-wheels and has its front swivel wheel locked. You can use the double-push footbrake when you feel the stroller is moving too fast. This would prevent any injuries from happening to your baby in the stroller.


The seats of the RECARO Easylife Stroller are padded, soft and spacious, leaving your baby with ample space to toss, turn and have room for toys. You don’t have to worry about your baby’s posture because the seats are upright. The spaciousness doesn’t only suit your baby; you can now easily keep your phone, feeding bottle and more handy items close to you in the spacious storage basket.

Adjustable Canopy for Weather Protection

The weather may not always be favorable and as such, you want your baby to always stay protected. You don’t want your baby getting caught under the rain, do you? The stroller has an adjustable water resistant canopy which can protect your toddler from harsh ultraviolet rays, the wind, and the rain. You can always adjust it, depending on the weather condition.

Good Ventilation

Cool mesh side wall

The mesh sidewalls are a source of good ventilation for your child. The mesh parent peekaboo window not only lets you watch over your child but it adds as a ventilation source for the child. In addition to this, RECARO easylife stroller has the woven luxe, temperature-balancing fabrics for extra comfort. So your baby can easily breathe without any issues.

Napping Made Easy

Napping is also easy and fun for your child due to the spaciousness and softness of the seats. After a day at the grocery or after a party, on the way home your baby may fall asleep, thus the easylife stroller helps to make a child’s sweet nap come true.

Pros and Cons of RECARO Easylife Stroller

Things we liked

  • The stroller’s frames are strong and sturdy giving the stroller durability.
  • Continuous handlebar gives you the advantage of using only hand to easily move the stroller.
  • Dual purpose mesh parent peekaboo window for ventilation and visibility.
  • The stroller’s lightweight enables it to be easily transported from place to place and used without much trouble.
  • After usage, you can easily fold it and keep.

Things we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t come with a car-seat adapter to be used in a car.
  • The seats do not totally recline flat.
  • The handles to not extend and therefore cannot be longer than their original length.
  • Moving the stroller down the staircase is not easy and if not carefully moved down, can lead to some damage.
  • You would have to buy your own rain cover separately as it doesn’t come with the stroller.
  • The woven luxe temperature-balancing fabrics make ventilation easy for the child.
  • It comes with an adjustable water resistant canopy that gives protection against harsh weathers.
  • The six wheels of the strollers are suspended so that easy movement of the stroller can be achieved.
  • The seats are soft and padded, giving your baby maximum comfort when awake and during naps too.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Is the stroller strong enough to carry a baby of more than 40 pounds?
A. Yes, the stroller can carry a baby from 6 months old, weighing about 16 pounds to a maximum of 50 pounds.

Q. Will my baby be protected from the sunshine when it’s too harsh?
A. Absolutely. The stroller has an expandable canopy, built to suit toddlers. It can protect against rain, windand the sun.

Q. Can I go on a long distance stroll with my toddler in the stroller?
A. Sure, it is possible. The stroller has a soft padded seat for the toddler that enables comfort and is also ideal for taking short naps during such strolls with the baby.


Final Verdict

As a parent, you wouldn’t want your little one crying and disturbing during a stroll due to the seats being hard or having little space for enough fun, this can be very unnerving. This is why the RECARO Easylife stroller, built for the comfort of your child, is recommended for you.

The stroller is very efficient and gives adequate comfort to the occupant. You can travel with this lightweight stroller and there is also a security lock added as a feature to this stroller so to prevent it from opening when folded.

Now you can easily enjoy a walk with your baby using this stroller without any worries, be assured that your baby is safe and be able to use this stroller anywhere outdoors. The stroller is affordable and you can get other accessories for it.

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