10 Best Infant Carrier [Reviews and Safety Tips]

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Every parent desires the best infant carrier to wear his or her babies. Making the right choice is not an easy thing, because there are different types of infant carriers on the current market. In this review, we are going to bring forward the most rated infant carriers on the market, and guide you in making your choice.

In making your choice, you have to consider a variety of factors ranging from ease of use, comfort on the both the parent and the baby, baby safety, ease of cleaning and so on. You have to weigh all these factors and other priorities before you make your choice. This review would assist you. Keep on reading.

Recommended best infant carriers on the market 2019

We’ve took 10 of the best infant carriers on the market. So you can pick from among of them:

Read the full best infant carriers review and features.

Ergobaby Four Position Baby Carriers

Ergobaby is the leader as far as infant carriers are concerned. Over the years, the company has produced various carriers and the most popular among them is the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier.

This carrier is lightweight and offers different carrying positions. This is one of the things that make it unique.

This carrier is most suitable for babies of 7-33 pounds. Moreover, babies can use it until they reach 36 months old. If you want to make the best out of it, you can use it with an infant insert. You can buy this differently, but this makes it most suitable for infants.

It is comfortable for both parents and babies.

Versatility is another thing that sets it apart. It is versatile for all the four sitting positions it offers.

lillebaby carrier

This is another popular infant carrier product. It is good for use because of its fantastic design.

The product is soft and it is durable. This means that it can serve you for a long time. It is also fitted with a 3D mess insert. This is to ensure there is temperature control.

Most importantly, it is comfortable for babies as well as the parents who use it.

It offers different carrying positions and it is good for newborn babies until they reach 45lb. Parents like it because it provides more features than similar products on the market.

It offers six different ergonomic carrying positions, which include front- fetal, front facing out, front infant, front toddler, back as well as hip. This carrier does not require an extra insert. Most importantly, this lasts longer than most other products on the market.

LILLEbaby Complete vs Ergobaby 360 baby Carrier Comparison

Boba 4G infant Carrier

This is another highly graded infant carrier on the market, so it’s take place in our best infant carrier list. It is unique as it was produced with the highest quality materials in that industry.

Its fabric is composed of one hundred percent cotton.

It is safe for use because it does not contain any harmful by products like dyes or other things that are not good for the health of the users.

It is good for newborn and can be used until the baby becomes a toddler.

If you want to use it as a front carrier, the baby must weigh between 7-25 pounds. If on the other hands that you want to use it as a back carrier, then the weight should be anything from 25 to 45 pounds.

Furthermore, it has two infant inserts, and has two sitting positions. Most importantly, it has a removable sleeping hood, as well as foot straps. It is designed for the comfort of both babies and parents.

Watch this short video review about Boba 4G Carrier

lillebaby position carrier

This is another high infant carrier recommended for parents. It has fantastic features, which every user is going to like.

First and foremost, it offers comfort to the baby. It is produced from soft materials. Addition of 3D Mesh in the construction ensures that users enjoy temperature control, and that is for the comfort of both the baby and the parent.

It provides further carrying position and it can carry infants to toddler babies.

Most importantly, this product offers six best sitting positions, which include the front infant, front fetal, front toddler, front facing, as well as back and hip. Here infants do not require any insert to support them.

Furthermore, it provides different kinds of support such as neck support, lumbar support, 2 way shoulder straps, sleeping hood, as well as zippered pocket.

The carrier is lightweight, which means that it is easy to move it about. It is machine washable and compact.

tula ergonomic infant carrier

This is another high quality best infant carrier on the market. The carrier has back and front carries.

It is a comfortable carrier as it offers an ergonomic M position seat support. This is good because it provides for the optimal development of the baby. This means that as the child grows, it would accept it.

It is good for babies with the weight range of 15 to 45 pounds.

Maintaining the carrier is not difficult. As you can see, the carrier is machine washable and it is easy to use. It is a comfortable carrier.

The product is durable, because it is produced with the highest quality materials. It can last longer more than others.

For the safety of the kids, it has dual adjustment straps, this helps to protect the child.

Boba infant Wrap carrier

This is perhaps the best infant wrap that you can lay your hands on the market. The carrier is composed of 5 percent spandex and 95 percent cotton.

It is very comfortable for babies as it makes for good infant lying position. Moreover, moving with the carrier is not difficult.

It is very easy to clean and to maintain. It is machine washable. Parents do not find it hard to wash that carrier.

It is available in different colors and patterns. You can select the best choice and pattern that suit your needs. Because it is soft, it is flexible to use.

It is durable and can last for many years.

Moreover, it does not pose any threat, because it does not contain any chemical. You can breast feed your baby with it at any time you like. You can do that without worry of contamination.

Watch this short video review with instruction about Boba Baby Wrap

Baby-Ktan ORIGINAL Carrier

This is a wrap style carrier, this means that the carrier does not need any wrapping to use it.

It is comfortable to use, as it was produced with one hundred percent of breathable cotton.

It has a sizing chart, this implied that it can be individually sized for its users.

It is very easy and comfortable to use. Changing position with the app is not difficult as it has a patented double loop design.

Moreover, it has multiple wearing positions. It is the most suitable for toddlers and newborn babies. Once your child weighs between 8 to 35 lbs, it can be used.

In terms of maintenance and cleaning, it is not difficult to clean it, as it is machine washable. If you want, you can wash it, dry it, and use. No buckles or anything that can injure you as you wash it.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling

This is a highly versatile baby infant carrier. This is because it can be used for different things without difficulties.

It is very good as it facilitates bonding. It is best for caregivers, as it can fit babies of different body types.
If you like baby sling type of carrier, then this is the best infant carrier on that category.

It features a skin to skin wearing. It is the best for kangaroo care. Because of the skin to skin contact with newborn, it lets you know how your baby is feeling. This is one of the reasons it is considered good for physiological development. You are not going to find it difficult to breastfeed your baby whenever you want.

The carrier is one hundred percent machines washable. This means that you can always wash it with machine whenever you want.

Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

This is regarded as the most comfortable baby wearing carrier, you can buy with money. Parents love this brand because it makes babies comfortable. It makes mothers comfortable as well. It is a carrier that ensures that the baby sits in a natural sitting position.

If you are looking for a infant carrier that would guarantee comfort and flexibility, you have to opt for this brand. It is perhaps the most comfortable Mei-tai seater in the market today.

When you use it, you are not going to suffer from shoulder pressure. It was designed to relieve your shoulder anytime that you use it. For your maximum comfort, it was padded with extra wide padded straps. Everybody enjoys using it because it was based on the old baby wearing style.


If you are looking for a carrier that would enable you to create a natural fit for your kid, you should opt for this design.

It is one of the most durable products on the market, as it is one hundred percent cotton baby front carrier.

You can use this product if your baby is weighing between 5 and 36 pounds. Presently it offers three different ways to be carried about and this includes backpack, hip hugger, as well as facing in.

It is accompanied with a detachable hood and that is meant for sun protection, especially sleeping time. It does not have a wrap and it is machine washable.

This product is famous because of its unique design and it is one of the best Mei-Tai. It has a flexible system and you can easily customize the use.

How to Choose Best Infant Carrier

Since there are various kinds of infant carriers on the market making the right choice can be a difficult challenge. With these tips, you can easily come out of the challenges. Here are four important factors to consider:

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Baby Safety
  • Quality

Comfort – When you talk of comfort, it means comfort for the babies and the parents as well. The best way to determine that is to test it before paying for it. Put your baby in the carrier and consider whether it allows free movement. On the part of the parents, consider the weight, and the type of materials used in making it. It should be easy to move it about.

Versatility – The carrier must be versatile; this means that you can use it for different things. It should be easy to use irrespective of the age of the infant.

Baby Safety – Most importantly, you have to consider the baby safety. You should not worry about it while wearing your baby. First, it should be produced with the highest quality materials available in the industry. It should be well padded and strapped to ensure that the baby does not fall off.

Quality – Another most important things while consider a infan carrier. Of course you need a carrier which made by quality material and well finished.

Type of Infant Carrier

There are different types of infant carrier. The most prominent among them includes:

  • Wrap
  • Sling
  • Mei-tai
  • Soft structure
  • Frame backpack

Frame Backpacks

Frame backpacks are a popular choice for most parents. This is because it was designed such that it offers a well inbuilt frame. Because of this structure, your baby could easily sit upright and would not require assistance. This is good for babies from six to eight months. If you often travel about, you can consider this type. It is equally good for those who engage in hiking activities. In our recommend list, you get few best frame backpack for baby.

Soft-Structured Carrier

There is not much difference between this type and the backpack. There are various designs available here and they are usually used at the back, front, as well as the hip. This is recommended for parents with toddlers and older babies. You can get some with infant insert feature. This makes it compatible for newborns to use them. Many people liked this because it is ergonomic design. It is adjustable and very easy to use.


This is another type of infant carrier. This type has four straps attached to the carrier body. Usually these attachments are made in a different configuration. This makes for a versatility of use. You can use it in the hip, back as well as your front. It is popular for several reasons. It is easy and very simple to use. It is good for infants. It can even accommodate toddlers. In our list, we also pick some Best baby Mei Tai carrier.


This is one of the most popular infant carriers on the market today. It is popular because of its ease of use. This involves wrapping long clothes around the carrier. You can wrap this around your body and that of the baby. It does not use rings or clasps, and it provides different positions for wearing your baby. It is unique because it is good for babies of different ages. In addition, it provides support for different parts of the body such as the neck, head, back, and most importantly it is comfortable for both babies and mother. We recommend few best baby wrap in our list below.


Slings are another brand of an infant carrier that exists in the market. This design has undergone modification to ensure the safety of babies. There are different types of sling carriers. Many designs are simple and very easy to wear and use. There are some others that look exactly like a fabric just as you can see in origami. Most slings in the market satisfy the ASTM standard. This makes it very safe for the babies. We also recommend few best baby slings in our list.

Essential Safety tips

baby safety tips

To get the best infant carrier or wrap you have to consider the issue of baby safety. Before you make your choice, you must make sure that it is safe, if not, there is no need to use that brand. Here are the features to look out for to ensure that it is actually safe for your baby:

  • It should be adequately supported
  • Consider the weight and the hold
  • Consider the fabric

The first thing to look out for in order to determine whether the carrier is well fortified for your baby safety is the type of support it has. For instance, it is necessary that the neck, head, as well as the back are fully supported. This will ensure that the baby does not fall off, especially tiny babies.

Secondly, the carrier must be tested for weight and the hold. Read the manuals and understand the correct weight recommended for each carrier. You have to test it to ensure that the carrier could actually support your baby’s weight.

The hold is also very important, you must ensure that it is strong enough to carry the weight of your baby.

Fabric is another important point that you must always consider. Ensure that it is made with the highest quality material available in the industry. If it is of superior material, it can support different weights.

In terms of baby security, many parents often look for carriers that have high backs. This can form a deep seat. This type provides support at various levels.

In the same way, carriers with wider seats are also good because they can provide extra support. Apart from providing support, it ensures that babies sit very well and relax.

When you consider all these features, you can always get the infant carrier or wrap that provides the best support for your babies. Always go for a brand that has a better combination of all these security features.

Final Verdict

You have seen the attributes of the best infant carrier out there for you on the market. With this guide and review, you can actually make your choice. You should be assured that all the ten infant carriers recommended above would serve your purpose very well. If you like, you can narrow down your choice on your pocket.

You should know that the most expensive infant carrier does not mean that it is the best. Always consider what you can afford before you make your choice.

For anyone you choose from the top ten baby infant carriers review above, you are going to derive a value for your money. They are all highly recommended.

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