Best Baby Jumper of 2020 | Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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best baby jumper

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Are you looking for the best baby jumper in the market?

Then you have just landed on the right page. When a baby laughs with full of joy, no one can feel the happiness except parents.

Have you ever seen your baby shrieking with joy?


Then a baby jumper could be a great catch for you.

You’ll be amazed seeing how your baby enjoys bouncing ups and down with his or her developing legs in a jumper. But right now the market is flooded with different types of baby jumper which can make it really harsh for you to choose one.

So how are you going to choose the best baby jumper for your little fella? No idea? Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have done all the study and picked up top 10 baby jumpers which are really satisfying the users. These 8 bouncers has got legitimate user feedbacks and comes with superb capabilities. Shall we?

Top 8 Best Baby Jumpers Reviews

Making this top 8 list wasn’t easy for us, we had to deal with a lot of things such as quality, price, design, etc.

We know most people always have some sort of budget issue but we think, you should never compromise in quality of anything when it comes down to your children’s.

And likewise, we focused more on the quality of the product, instead of price. Have a look.

PictureProduct NameFeatureRating
Fisher-Price Rainforest JumperooFisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo4.8
Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery BouncerBaby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper4.7
Jolly Jumper Original with Super FrameJolly Jumper Original with Super Frame4.6
Jolly Jumper Exerciser4.6
EvenfloExerSaucer Jumper4.4
Jolly Jumper, Stand for Jumpers and RockersJolly Jumper, Stand for Jumpers and Rockers4.5
Evenflo ExerSaucer Door JumperEvenfloExerSaucer Door Jumper4.3
EvenfloExersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning CenterEvenfloExersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center4.3

Starting with the Fisher-Price Rainforest jumper, this jumper is for suitable for a 4 to 5-month age baby. Or for the babies who can hold their head up without any kind of support but can walk or stand properly. This unit is equipped with some buttons which makes sounds when pressed. And along with that, it comes with playful sights which makes it one of the best jumpers for infants. As this jumper comes with some fun stuff, your baby will remain entertained to the entire time.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The entire seat is designed as a frog and it is cushion padded which is promised to deliver full comfort to the child. Moreover, it features spring cover in order to save your baby’s little finger from pinches. Thanks to the manufacturer, they have featured adjustable seat so you can adjust that according to your baby’s height. The bright color of this unit will sure help to develop your baby’s visual sense.

The frame of this jumper is made of high-quality materials, so there is no chance that it would break, your baby will be able to jump every time safely. On the other hand, this entire unit can be folded which enables you to store it anywhere you want. And the best part is, the seat can rotate 360 degrees and that will allow your baby to play from any side. Assembling it is also very simple. Overall, a great jumper for your baby.


  • Easy to store.
  • Comes with some fun toys.
  • The seat can rotate 360 degrees.
  • List Item
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Durable frame.
  • Colorful and funny sounds.


  • Little expensive.

Here comes another one that demands to have a deep look at it. The Baby Einstein Neptune’s ocean jumper is one of the highest-rated infant jumpers you would find in the market right now. It comes with super cool capabilities which would definitely catch anyone’s attention. It is an active center type jumper which is loaded with various toys. Out of the box design, safety, entertainment, this little one has everything you would need for your little one.

Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Bouncer

The manufacturer has used some latest technology in this unit. Like the previous one, this Neptune’s Ocean bouncer also has 360 rotate seat which will allow your infant to spin from anywhere. It comes with enough ocean-themed toys to keep your baby delighted all the time. And even better, you can also remove those toys to play when your baby is traveling or not in the mood to jump on the jumper, very few models offer this.

Plus, you can add as many toys as possible in the loops. The seat of this model is heavily padded which enough to give your little one needed comfort during play time. The seat can be adjusted in four different heights and that’s also a win for you as you can set the height according to your baby. The Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean is definitely a worthy jumper to have.


  • Completely ocean-themed toys.
  • Requires very small space.
  • The seat is nicely padded and easy to clean.
  • Removable toys.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • 360-degree rotating seat.
  • Comes with a lot of toys.


  • Whenever the baby jumps, this jumper makes noise.
  • The Octopus painting comes off easily.

The Jolly Jumper Original is a simple stationary types jumper. The best thing about this very jumper is, you can work with fewer worries when your little baby is jumping ups and down in this jumper.  This jumper is super safe because it comes with its own frame, unlike doorway types jumper. In doorway types jumper there are chances that your baby might get hurt by bumping into the door frame, but that’s not something going to happen in this Jolly jumper original.

Jolly Jumper Original with Super Frame

Besides that, feature that keeping this very unit ahead of its competitors is the sturdy frame. The frame is super solid and you can flat the frame very easily. Not only the frame the suspension spring is also durable, but you will also get the premium feel of the spring once you get to see it. The wingnuts which come with the model are very easy to remove. One thing that we liked most about this very jumper is the seat.

The seat will perfectly fit on your baby and the seat is designed in a way which will support your baby’s spin. This will keep your child in an ideal posture. We know this unit doesn’t have toys as active center units but still, if you care about your baby’s safety, the jolly jumper original is an outstanding unit for that.


  • Highly secure jumper.
  • It will keep your baby active.
  • The seat is removable.
  • Solid frame.
  • Easy to store.
  • Keeps ideal body posture.


  • Not for taller baby’s.
  • The seat is not adjustable.

Well, this is a doorway types jumper. As you know these jumpers are very simple, doesn’t come with any kind of toys or frame. The only reason people love this jumper is, the ease of storing and the less price. Yes, the Jolly Jumper Exercise comes with only a harness and suspension spring which makes it really easier for you to carry and store it anywhere. On the other hand, these jumpers come at a cheap price.

The harness of this unit will keep your baby safe from unexpected falling and it will keep your baby’s spine aligned, means it will keep your baby in the right body posture. Moreover, the harness is well padded which ensures your baby’s comfort and it is easily removable. On the other hand, the clamp is so strong that it can hold twice as the weight of your baby. If you have any doubt, you can try that before you put your baby in it.For more information take a look at our full review of the Jolly Jumper Exerciser


  • Affordable price.
  • Durable harness.
  • Gives ideal body posture.
  • Comfortable padded seat.
  • Strong clamp.
  • The seat is easy to remove.


  • As it comes with the single elastic strap, there are chances that it will swing left to right.

Would you ever ignore something that can increase the core strength and coordination? Never. The Evenflo ExerSaucer jumper is probably one of the most versatile active canter jumpers. It definitely comes with different toys but the best part is, all these toys meet the requirement of Child Development Institute and they are actually needed for your baby’s development. Nevertheless, this unit has a bunch of things that deserves praising.

The jumper is highly stable and durable, so the parents can work with no worries when their child is jumping on the bouncer. A big thank goes to the manufacturer, they have installed a bouncing base which enables the baby to jump or land softly. You can remove and add toys if needed. The seat height is adjustable in three positions and the overall look of this unit is very attractive.For more information take a look at our full review of the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a bunch of toys.
  • Bounce base.
  • Durable frame.
  • Removable and addable toys.
  • Easy to clean.


  • This unit is not portable.
  • Requires little extra space.

You can call this model an early stage baby exerciser. It is a stationary type jumper and similar to the jolly jumper exercise (previous review).  Can your baby hold the head up with no support? Well, then this unit could be a great catch for you. This Jolly Jumper Stand is really helpful for baby to learn walking.  With this unit, a baby can increase the stability, coordination, increase the muscle strength and improve the balance.

Jolly Jumper, Stand for Jumpers and Rockers

You can adjust the height according to your baby and the set perfectly fits. The frame of this jumper is highly durable and you can flatten them easily for easy storing. As these models don’t come with the toy tray, you can add some toys to the frame or the spring in order to keep your baby entertained. Moreover, the seat will keep your baby in an ideal body posture.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Solid and durable frame.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Seat fits perfectly.
  • Can be set anywhere.


  • Getting your child in or out the harness is little tough.

The EvenfloExerSaucer Door Jumper is another simple yet effective baby jumper. If not anything, your baby will get super comfort on this jumper. The entire harness is heavily padded and that can be seen in the picture. Another perk of owning this unit is, it requires very less space and you can set this outside too as it is very easy to pack. As we said at the beginning, this unit is very simple, it doesn’t come with any frame or toys but it can be a great help in your baby’s overall development.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper

This jumper comes with a framed seat which surrounds your baby from every side in order to give the optimum comfort and security. The door frame clamp is highly durable and can be set easily.  The clamp also suits all kind of door frame. You can adjust the height also in this jumper. And lastly, this jumper will definitely increase the strength, stability, and balance of your baby.


  • Thick padded seat.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Framed seat.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Gives ideal body posture.
  • The clamp suits all the door frame.


  • Washing this jumper might give you a hard time.
  • Not recommended for smaller babies.

Once you take this EvenfloExersaucer home, your baby will have a hard time taking eyes off this model. It is a forest-themed jumper and actually looks like a small forest. This model will still be a great fun item for your baby if it didn’t offer the jumping feature. This model comes with a lot of toys which are more than enough to keep the most stubborn baby delighted and entertained. And if needed you can remove toys from it too.

EvenfloExersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

This EvenfloExerSaucers requires very less space and can be assembled/dissembled very easily. Though the entire body is made of plastic material, that is highly durable. The seat height is adjustable and the seat is fully cushion padded so your baby will be jumping on that comfortably. On the other hand, the seat is easily removable and you can clean that in washing machines.


  • Looks attractive.
  • Comes with a lot of toys.
  • Highly-durable.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Carrying handle.


  • Some toy requires battery and battery doesn’t come with the product.

Types of Baby Jumper

The baby bouncer comes in different types which are suitable for different needs. We have demonstrated all of them understandably below. Have a look.

Doorway bouncer

This is the most common types of the jumper. As the name suggests, the seat will be attached to the door frame. The harness this types of bouncers offer; they are really secure for the baby. These jumpers come at affordable price and they require very low space. You will be able to store them anywhere you want.

On the other hand, as these jumpers only feature single elastic strap it might swing left to right which might not be safe for your child. Especially when you have a small door frame. Plus, these bouncers don’t come with any toy tray.

Stationary bouncer

Stationary jumpers are almost similar to the doorway’s but they come with their own frame. Because of the frame, the entire jumper seats little lower than the doorway jumper does. The suspension cord of these bouncers is not that long which means your baby wouldn’t be swinging left to right. These jumpers are safer than the doorways but stationary jumpers are expensive than the doorways.

Activity jumpers

Activity jumpers are also known as Exersaucers. Activity center jumpers are very popular and almost every parent think about activity bouncers when they first think about having a jumper for their baby. This one not only comes with the bouncer but with a tray full of toys. There are buttons which makes different sounds when pressed, flashing lights and different types of soft and rattle toys. With these jumpers, your baby will stay entertained all the time.

Activity jumpers are expensive and they require extra space. On the other hand, although they are expensive but they are highly secure. Your baby won’t get bored of bouncing when he or she will get a lot of playing choices in the tray.

How to Buy the Best Jumper for Baby?

In order to get your hand on the right jumper, there are few factors that you have to consider right before making any purchase decision. We have demonstrated all of them below, be sure to check each of them otherwise your baby’s safety might get compromised.


The baby bouncer comes in different weight limits, that actually depends on the model. The different model comes with different weight limits. So before you make any buying decision, make sure you check the weight limit that is suitable to your baby. Suitable weight limit means, is that bounder can hold your baby’s weight? If possible, try to choose a unit that can hold more weight than your baby’s weight. That would be more secure.


The baby seat is one of the most important factors if the seat is not comfortable, your baby is not going to have fun no matter how hard you try. The seat also varies from jumper to jumper. There are a few things that you should check.

  • The seat should be removable and washable, as babies will make that super dirty with no time, so that’s a must to have feature.
  • The seat should feature height adjustment, which will allow you to set the height according to your baby.
  • Seat should be padded with soft cotton or foam; these will enhance your baby’s comfort when they will bounce on the jumper.

Dual strap suspension

Doesn’t matter what type of baby jumper you choose, make sure you avoid bouncers which come with a single elastic strap. Because single strap will swing left to right, which could injure your baby. So choose a baby bouncer that comes with two elastic straps that will keep the little fella on the place when he or she tries to jump up and down.

Easy storage

Jumpers are not something that your baby would use often, so you would need to keep that stored most of the time. Because large jumpers can take a good amount of space at home. There are models which can be dissembled fully which can be stored easily anywhere, so if you have tight space at home, you can choose one from them.


Don’t you think your child would feel more delighted if he or she gets a bouncer along with some toys? There are some jumpers which come with different toys in order to keep your baby entertained the entire time. Some models come with sounds and flashing lights, and some come will little dolls which moves and makes noise.

Before you choose a bouncer with toys first examine which toys attract your baby most, means with what kind of toys he or she loves to play with. Because some babies like toys which rattle, on the other hand, some loves soft toys. So first know the habit of your baby, then choose one.

Baby Bouncer Safety

Only buying the perfect jumper for your baby is not enough, there are some things which should be taken care of in order to increase the safety of your child. Taking care of babies is a tough job for sure. However, we have listed some instructions below, try to follow them.

  • Before putting your baby into the jumper, clean the entire area. Make sure you remove all the sharp and pointy objects from near the bouncer.
  • Never set the jumper near, stairs, pool, or hazardous place.
  • Never leave your baby alone in a room when he or she is jumping on the jumper.
  • When moving the bouncer from one place to another, make sure you take the baby out first.
  • When choosing toys for your baby, avoid sharp and pointy corner toys.

Final Verdict

A baby jumper is a great tool to keep your child engaged, help them develop motor skills, and tire out infants to help them sleep and rest more easily. Each of the models above delivers all of these great benefits and more, and any of the ten above are great picks in their own right. Think about what your infant likes and what your budget is, and choose the perfect baby jumper for your needs accordingly.

In addition to being high quality, popular, safe, and providing a lot of great benefits for infants, all of the baby jumpers above are value options that provide some awesome features at a reasonable price. You may find cheaper baby jumpers out there, but not with the features and reliability of any of the ten from the list above.

Each of my ten recommended picks is a great bargain and a great addition to any home with an infant. So pick your favorite, and watch your young child enjoy all of the fun of a baby jumper!

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